Our History

Vestcap was founded in 1988 by Nugent Schneider.

The founding principles of the company were to provide clients with the service they weren’t getting at traditional brokerage houses.

Individually designed portfolios, capital gains potential with a conservative bias, and blue chip dividend payers have long been at the heart of the business ever since. Above all else though was a commitment that personal service was to be at all times of paramount importance.

Over the years, Vestcap continued to steadily expanded, adding partners as the business grew, adhering explicitly to the founding principles. The success of Nugent’s founding philosophy is evidenced by the exceptional attention to detail at the client level that remains at the firm to this day, more than 30 years later.

Nugent served as Founder and President of Vestcap from 1988 to 2011 and then as Founder and Chairman until his death in December 2019, during which time he continued to stay in touch with all of his clients and active on their accounts.

While Nugent will be missed, his founding principles will continue to guide the firm and act as the underpinning upon which Vestcap’s success is built. Whether managing portfolios for individuals, trusts or foundations, Vestcap will always leave no stone unturned in the search for the outcomes that clients have come to know and expect.

High Conviction Portfolios

At Vestcap, we focus on exceeding client expectations. Our portfolios are constructed around a limited number of holdings, each chosen for their long-term investment attributes, not their weight in an index. We generally take a longer investment horizon than most managers today.